We aim to offer a curriculum which will enable children to achieve the maths targets set out in the National Curriculum.

Our aim is for young mathematicians to become:

  • Confident and able to recall and apply mathematical knowledge in different contexts
  • Able to explain their methods and thinking processes and apply skills in context
  • Fluent in different areas of maths
  • Efficient in applying problem-solving and reasoning skills
  • Independent thinkers
  • Making number work fun Maths
  • Aware of the Maths/ concepts/ process they are doing



At St. George’s we’re shaping happy, confident and resilient learners who discover that maths brings an exciting journey of discovery, understanding – and a lifetime of opportunities.

Our maths curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in mathematics. Students will gain a deep understanding of mathematics and enjoy solving mathematical problems. In order to master mathematical skills, our curriculum content has been sequenced in order to promote a depth of understanding.

Our maths curriculum offers a 'small steps' progression and yearly frameworks, which allow children to learn at their own pace while still achieving high standards.

We help children develop their conceptual understanding of mathematics by using concrete objects, pictorial representations and abstract thinking. This inclusive approach is based on the principles of cognitive psychology and child development.



The successful approach at St George’s results in a fun, engaging, high-quality maths education that provides children with the number skills needed for the rest of their lives.?

The impact of a structured curriculum results in numerate, confident and skilled children who can apply their Maths skills to a range of problems.

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To learn with kindness, respect
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