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Dear Parents


Staff have been working hard to ensure that we can provide the best possible Home-Learning experiences for your children.  The previous Home Learning CLASS pages still contain some great information and links to some resources that children can use independently.  However, during this new period of Home Learning, we will be using Google Classroom for all your child’s learning. 


PLEASE don’t worry about the amount of work you are able to complete – we appreciate that the experience at home is completely different from school.  If nothing else, we would ask that you read with, and to, your child as often as possible.  Our job is to provide appropriate Home Learning for your child, following the DfE guidelines, that will match your child’s abilities.  We know that many parents will be managing with working from home and supporting their child’s education, so please don’t feel overwhelmed.  Most of our children from Year 2 to Year 6 should be able to watch their teaching videos for maths and English and be able to have a go at completing their work.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or all correct, and children will learn through their mistakes.


Please use the Home Learning pages that can be found in the KEY INFORMATION tab on the school website for all the information you require.


Remember, you and your child can get support and information from your class teacher through the Google Classroom, and we are here at school to offer all the help and advice you need.


Looking forward to having all our children back soon.


Until then, keep well and stay safe.