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Dear Parents


Staff have been working hard to ensure that we can provide the best home-learning experiences for your children.  There are many websites that have been created specifically for home-learning.  Some schools are using a resource called The Learning Project, which provides a 2 sided sheet of A4 with Reading, Writing, Maths & Spelling ideas for a full week.  Our staff felt that other platforms and resources would serve children better as we fully appreciate time spent with you children could be limited due to work commitments.


We have created a new page, with sub-pages, for home learning.  Staff will update this page as and when needed but a summary of our recommendations, and web-links will be provided here.


PLEASE don’t worry about the amount of work you are able to complete – we appreciate that the experience at home is completely different from school.  If nothing else, we would ask that you read with, and to, your children as often as possible.  In relation to maths, if you can practice times-tables and number patterns, that would be most helpful. 


We are providing ideas and opportunities but don’t feel overwhelmed.  When we do return to school, we will know where your child is, what has to be done, and where we need to get them.  That’s our job!


Keep well, stay safe