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1st September 2016

Dear Parents




As previously mentioned , our absence and attendance rates place our school in the LOWEST 20% of ALL schools in the country.  This is having a massive detrimental effect on the education of our children and on the start to the school day.  Learning is being disrupted by persistent lateness so all children are being disturbed. 


In September 2013, the Department for Education (DfE) introduced changes to the law in relation to taking children out of school during term time. There are very clear expectations for schools and parents to ensure that children are not missing education or parents may be at risk of receiving a penalty fine.  Sefton Local Authority have since released new procedures (1st September 2015) that all schools are bound to follow which will have implications for parents.  Where children miss out on school without permission, the Local Authority is required by law to take appropriate action. 


A minimum evidential requirement of ten (10) school sessions lost to unauthorised absence by any pupil in the current term and/or eighteen (18) sessions lost to unauthorised absence over two consecutive terms will be required to trigger the process.


10 sessions is equivalent to 5 days absence; 18 sessions is equivalent to 9 days absence.


The DfE have also introduced new guidelines on children considered to be ‘Persistent Absentees’.  Children are now classed as persistently absent from school when their attendance rate is at 90% or below.   The DfE feel it will be almost impossible for these children to keep up with their work and make expected progress.


Obviously, St George’s follows all legal advice and is in the same position as all other schools following the implemented changes.


If you would like to see the Local Authority Policy in detail, please visit the following link:


We are committed to providing the best possible education for your children to ensure that they reach their full potential.  We couldn’t do that without your continued support, for which we are always so grateful.


If you have any further questions, please contact me at the school and I’ll be happy to help.


Many thanks.


Mr P Chapman