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Year 6

Week 11 13th July 2020

Week 10 Home Learning 6th July 2020

What is Racism?

White Rose Maths Home Learning Booklets YEAR 6

Year 6- Week 9 Home Learning 29/6/2020



1. Order of Operations- Remember! BODMAS

2. Area of a triangle. bxh then half it.

A longer activity covering all Spag concepts



This week I have attached lessons about the West African Slave Trade. There is a powerpoint which explains, in a child-friendly way, about the Slave Trade, how it started and most importantly how it ended. It is a lengthy powerpoint so I will be using it over  two afternoons. I have attached a number of activities linking to the powerpoint. 

I would love to see my home learning children's work so please send a photograph through to Mrs Jones and she will send them on to me. In class last week, children came up with some beautiful 'I have a dream' speeches from the Martin Luther King lesson. 


Have a lovely week with your home learning.

Miss Hinchley

West African Slave Trade

Black History

Instead of the Topic and Science lessons on this week's BBCBitesize schedule, I would like the children to learn about Black History. I have added three lessons for this week, which should help the children learn about some of the most significant and important events /people over the last 100 years.  

Many thanks 

Miss Hinchley

Black History - Rosa Parks- Monday 22nd June 2020

Black History- Martin Luther King 23rd June 2020

Black History - Nelson Mandela Wednesday 24th June 2020

Come and See - Our World

Year 6 Week 7 15.06.20

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Figures of Speech

Sing and learn with Grammarsaurus! Looking for teaching resources to match this video? Head over to and subscribe so you can access o...

Week 6 Summer - 8.06.20

New Children's Books 8.06.20

Week 5 Summer 18.05.20

Great British Menu

Great British Menu- Miss Hinchley's Menu

Week 4 Summer 11.05.20

Children's Books 11.05.20

Week 3 Summer 4.05.20

Week 2 Summer 27.04.20


Dear Parents,

Hope you and your families are well and keeping safe. I just wanted to send a quick message to keep you updated. I will be setting new activities for Yr6 on MyMaths and I will do this weekly and check the children's scores to see how they are getting on.

Please keep checking this new Home Learning class 6 page as I will keep adding lessons and activities.


Thank you and hopefully see you all soon.


Miss Hinchley x

Parent Letter 20.04.20


Dear Parents


Below are all the links needed for your child’s home-learning.  Log-in details were provided in your child’s pack before school closed on Friday 20th March.   I have added and will continue to add as many resources for different subjects as I can. Please keep checking the page and scroll right to the bottom so you do not miss anything. 


Please read the letter from your child’s class teacher with updated information regarding home-learning.  You can also get updated advice and information through letters & newsletters on the school web site and through the school app.

Year 6 Home Learning Letter 20.04.20

Reading Comprehension-Are Video Games Good for Children? 18.05.20

Reading Comprehension - Diary of Anne Frank. Select the level you wish to read at, answer the questions and then check your answers with the mark scheme. :) 21.4.20

Reading compehension- Mo Salah! The Egyptian King! Select the level you want to read at, read the comprehension and then answer the questions. The answers are at the end of the questions! 21.4.20

ART :) Portraits- Presentation and Templates. Look through the presentation and then have a go!! 21.4.20

ART :) Andy Goldsworthy Natural Sculptures. You could find objects when out on a walk or in your garden. 21.4.20

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Expanded noun phrases 27.4.20

Year 6 there's a new grammarsaurus song! Enjoy!!🤪

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Co-ordinating Conjunctions