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Year 5

Individual Children Self-Isolating

If your child has to self-isolate, please follow the link for OAK ACADEMY for English and foundation subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Music and PSHE. For Maths, children should follow the link for the White Rose home learning videos for that week.

Class Bubbles Self-Isolating for 14 Days

In the event of a class bubble being sent home for 14 days, please adhere to the following schedule. Click below to download.


If your child is struggling with his/her work and needs help with a particular question, then please email Mrs. Jones with your contact number and a short explanation of the question(s) he/she needs help with and I will ring to speak to your child and to give him/her support.


Please complete the persuasive writing lessons.

Thursday 15th October

Watch lesson 9. Write a persuasive letter addressed to the Education Secretary to persuade him to make school uniform compulsory in the UK.

Friday 16th October

Watch lesson 10. Think of something that you would like to change. Write a persuasive letter to persuade someone to make that change.

Bring both of your letters into school when we return on the 19th October.


Each day, please use the link provided to watch the teaching video before completing the worksheets.

Monday 5th October

Tuesday 6th October

Wednesday 7th October
Thursday 8th October
Friday 9th October
Monday 12th October
Tuesday 13th October
Wednesday 14th October
Thursday 15th October
Friday 16th October

SCIENCE LESSONS for week beginning 12.10.20

Please complete lessons 4, 5 and 6

Come and See

 Week beginning 5.10.20.

Complete lessons 1, 2 and 3.

Please bring your completed work into school when we return on 19.10.20

Come and See for week beginning 12.10.20

Please complete lessons 4, 5 and 6 and bring the completed work into school when we return on 19.10.20.

White Rose Maths Home Learning Booklets YEAR 5