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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 page.

Summer Term 

Hope that you are all keeping well. 

Here are some details to help with learning at home.



This term in Maths we would have been covering the following topics:

  • decimals
  • money
  • time
  • statistics
  • properties of shape
  • position and direction


We use the White Rose Maths resources in school and they have produced some fantastic resources to help your child to learn at home.


Go to the White Rose website. 

Click on the home learning section and choose Year 4. 

Please make sure that your child watches the video for each lesson before attempting the worksheets provided. The answers are there for you too.


If your child has not already completed the activities from before the Easter break (weeks 1 and 2) please make sure they understand these first as the first unit for this term builds on the concepts from these sessions.


If you feel that your child needs some more work on a particular concept, you can also access the problems we use in school by clicking on free resources, primary, schemes of learning, Y4 and then choose the appropriate block.


As well as these daily lessons, your child has log in details for Maths Shed. These online games will help to improve their speed at the basic skills such as number bonds and times tables.


I have also set online learning activities on My Maths. This is the site we use for homework tasks.




Children should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day. Encourage them to read a range of different texts.


Reading Eggspress has reading comprehension tasks at the appropriate level for your child. They can use this every day but encourage them to complete at least 3 lessons per week.



Spelling Shed log in details are the same as for Maths Shed. I have set a number of assignments for your child to complete. Only the first 3 will appear on the screen. Click on more lists to access the other assignments. 


Your child should also be trying to learn all of the stage 3 and 4 spellings as these are the words that they should be able to spell by the end of this year. Whilst the assignments are still active, they will need to click on more lists, my lists and then click on the details button on stage 3 and 4 to play these games.


Begin with the easy game and then as they become more confident they can move on to the medium, hard and extreme levels.


I will be checking the leagues to see who has been trying really hard!



Encourage your child to write something every day. Maybe they could keep a diary, write a letter about what they have been doing to a grandparent or use their imagination to create their own stories or poems. This term we would have been writing character descriptions so maybe they could choose some of their favourite (or not so favourite) characters from films or stories and write their own descriptions of their appearance, behaviour or personality.


The BBC have put together some home learning activities for each year. You can access these on the BBC Bitesize site.

They also have subject based activities. For example, if you click on KS2 History you can find lots of information about our topic on the Romans, Anglo Saxons and the Vikings with short clips to watch. Maybe your child could write or draw a picture to show what they have learned.

Our Science topics this term are Sound and Solids, Liquids and Gases. You could also revise our topic on the digestive system as some of you were absent for part of this topic. They even have a section to help you to learn some Spanish words and phrases.

Enjoy learning!








Please make sure that your child is reading every day at home for at least 15 minutes.

He/she should complete 2 lessons a week on Reading Eggspress.

Ed Shed has spelling and maths activities. My Maths homework is also given.

Please make sure your child is ready for the multiplication check by helping him/her to learn the times tables well and using the multiplication check game on Maths Shed.