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Year 2

Happy New Year!

Welcome back. We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas! The chidlren have all settled back into school life very well and are very excited to start working hard again!


This half term we will be reading the books 'The Storm Whale' and 'Dear Greenpeace' in English. The children will learn how to tell a story from a different point of view and how to write a letter. In Maths the children will be learning about place value, number facts, addition and subtraction, 3D shapes and time. Our topic in Come and See is 'Books'. We will be looking at special books used in church and we will be looking at the Bible and the Gospel in detail. 

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Welcome to Year 2! 

The children have really settled into their new classroom and life in Year 2. They are all very excited and enthusiastic about their work and have been working so hard already! I am so excited to see how they progress throughout the year and am extremely happy to have such a kind, caring and sensible class.

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Once Upon a Time in Maghull ...

The children will be exploring traditional tales in English. They will be diving into a world of talking snacks and evil witches who see children as snacks in 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Hansel and Gretel'. They will learn how to write instructions and retell tales in our first Autumn term. They will also be exploring their local area in Geography as they take a closer look at where they live. 

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In maths, the children will be busy learning about place value, addition and subtraction and identifying and classifying 2D shapes. In Come and See, the children will be learning about Beginnings and Judaism. Animals Including Humans is our topic in science. We will have fun finding out about healthy animals and learning how to keep ourselves healthy! Please find a full curriculum map attached below where you can find out all the long term plans across the curriculum subjects.


Useful Information 

Home Reading Books - Reading books will be changed on Thursdays and Fridays. There is a box in class where children should put their book if it is finished so that it can be changed. Your child will read their home reading book with Mrs Evans at least once a week but it is extremely important that your child reads to you at home every night as homework. Year 2 is an important year and their ability to read and understand texts is crucial. 


Reading Eggs Homework - Usernames and passwords for Reading Eggs have been stuck into  home reading journals. Children should complete at least 1 lesson of Reading Eggs at home each week. 


Abacus Homework - Usernames and passwords for Abacus have also been stuck into home reading journals. Children will be given a new game each Friday to be completed for the following Monday. 


PE - Children will take part in PE on Thursdays. 


Please find attached below the spelling list for Year 2.