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Spring Term

Welcome back to another busy and exciting term.  This week, the children have explored different types of celebrations, starting with a key text, 'The Scarecrow's Wedding'.  The children have been applying their learning through role play in our church area in class.  Thank you to those parents who have been able to send in photos of family celebrations: they take pride of place on our Come and See display.  


The chidlren had a wonderful time during their visit to church and they were impeccably behaved, both on the walk to church, and in the church itself.  Nerxt week, we will be developing the chidlren's vocabulary of different parts of church and how we celebrate in church.


Our phonics is really ramping up next week.  We will be assessing what the chidlren know and will be learning new sounds, which we will give out in the book bags, so please keep an eye out.  As ever, daily reading at home is VITAL for progress - please sign and date the ywllow record book each time you hear your child read at home.


Many thanks for your support at home.

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