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Spring Term 2


'Fairytales' is our new topic, in which the children will be encouraged to develop their storytelling skills, ready to write their own stories.  The children requested that they learn 'The Three Little Pigs' first. They will be learning to make story maps and they will have the opportunity to make their own house using junk modelling.  They will also investigate different materials.


After that, the next text will be 'The Three Billy Gruff'. Weather permitting, we will take learning outdoors for the children to construct a bridge and act out the story.


For the final week and a half of term, the children will vote for their favourite traditional tale to be the focus, so please can you read plenty of these texts at bedtime, so that your child can formulate an opinion as to which story they prefer?


In Maths, we will be estimating and counting with accuracy.  The children will be introduced to addition and subtraction and they will begin to deepend their reasoning skills.  Numicon will assist the children with their understanding of place value.

Photographs of our first two weeks....
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Picture 2
Picture 3