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Religious Education - The Curriculum


To fulfil our aims and objectives for the school, we use the Come and See programme of Religious Education as recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool. This forms the basis of RE within our school.


The aim of this programme is to explore the religious dimensions of questions about life within the Catholic tradition. Links are made with pupils own experiences and with universal experiences. Other world faith traditions are also explored and reflected upon twice yearly.


Central to the Come and See programme are 3 basic human questions and 3 Christian beliefs that are the Church's response in faith.


Autumn -  Where do I come from?                LIFE    ⇔   CREATION 

Spring -   Who am I?                               DIGNITY  ⇔  INCARNATION

Summer - Why am I here?                      PURPOSE  ⇔  REDEMPTION



Come and See is developed through three themes based on the documents of the Second Vatican Council, which are gradually explored each term in greater depth.


Community of Faith – Church Themes:

Autumn: Family – Domestic Church

Spring:  Community – Local Church

Summer:World – Universal Church


Celebration in Ritual – Sacrament:

Autumn: Belonging – Baptism / Confirmation

Spring:   Relating – Eucharist

Summer: Inter-Relating – Reconciliation.


Ways of Life – Christian Living Themes:

Autumn: Loving – Advent / Christmas

Spring:  Giving – Lent / Easter

Summer: Service – Pentecost.


Topics overview – Despite the theme and focus within it being consistent throughout the school, each class will explore the theme through a different named unit.